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How to plan a safe in-person event during Covid

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

1. Rules and Regulations

Check out the rules and regulations for your specific area about hosting in person events

2. Don’t go crazy with the invite list

Keep it small. Of course we know that the number of guests you can have at your event depends on where you live, the venue size and whether you host inside or outside.

Keeping your guest count as low as possible helps keep the spread of disease to a minimum.

3. Mind your time

Again, keeping in mind the global pandemic we are currently experiencing, don’t schedule this event to be 2,3, or 4 hours.

The longer this group is together, the chances increase of contracting Covid.

4. Host in an open

The bigger the space the better. So, hosting this event outside is the highest recommendation. It provides the best natural ventilation and most natural way to keep spacing amongst your guests.

5. How ya eatin’

We HIGHLY recommend passing on the buffets style eating.

We are trying to keep the sharing of diseases down so if you must serve food think about hiring wait staff or even preparing the food in to-go containers. You can still have a variety of food while keeping safe.


There are so many ways you need to think about hosting a safe in-person event. Even though it's not our first recommendation, these tips hopefully will kick start your planning.

Check back as we expand on this list to keep you executing the best events!

Photo credit: Jordan Hopkins @jhopkinswriting