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Creating an Event Planning Checklist

Every event consists of ten basic elements:

1. Event Goals:

What are the 3-5 goals that your client wishes to achieve with this event? This is important to define before the planning process starts.

2. Event Budget:

What is the overall budget, and how are line items defined?

3. Your team:

Who are the key members of your team and what will be their individual roles?

4. Event Venue:

What venue is perfect for your event and does it meet your schedule and cost targets?

5. Event Program:

What is the flow of the event?

6. Catering:

How will food and beverage be managed at the event?

7. Entertainment:

What are the entertainment needs?

8. Guest Invitations:

How will invitations be designed and delivered to the event guests?

9. Event set up and wrap up:

When can you start the event set up and how soon doe the tear down need to happen?

10. Event debrief:

How will you collect feedback at end of the event?

We hope you found this checklist useful and if you are interested in learning more check out our coaching tribe HERE.