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Corporate Event Planners

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Event planning can be a fantastic and rewarding career and more and more people are joining this profession.

As a corporate event planner, is a very specific type of planner. You will be responsible will included the planning and production of events from concept to completion for your organization.

What your job would include?

1. Developing innovative ideas

2. Configuring customers needs

3. Delivering events on time and within specific budgets always looking for cost savings

5. Communicating, maintaining and developing client relationships

6. Managing supplier relationships

7. Marketing the event

8. Leading all teams involved in the event

9. Ensuring excellent customer service and quality

What qualities are essential?

1. Excellent organizational skills

2. Project management experience

3. Problem-solving skills

4. Strong communication and marketing skills

5. Ability to work under pressure

6. Motivation and positive attitude

7. Team leadership

What are some corporate type of jobs?

• Event planning companies (Destination Management, Event Planning and Production)

• Hotels

• Leisure services

• Seminar and Concert Venues

• Exhibition Venues

• Charity Organizations

We hope you found this checklist useful and if you are interested in learning more check out our coaching tribe HERE.